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Woo Discount Rules BFCM Deal

Starting at $59.00
Dynamic Pricing and Discounts for WooCommerce. Create bulk discounts, cart discounts, multiple discount rules, quantity-based discounts, customer role-based discounts, Buy One Get One (BOGO deals), and more.
Deal Information

Exclusive BFCM Discount on the Yearly Pricing.

Discount Type

Use Coupon Code "BFCM30" to get 30% Discount.

Tool Description

Discount Rules for WooCommerce - PRO is the most loved discount plugin with tons of features, easy to use interface, and crafted for increasing your sales conversions.

Product Highlights

  • Dynamic Pricing and Discounts Made Simple: Launching an eCommerce store is quite easy. The hardest part is the scaling of the store. Having an effective discount / pricing strategy can help grow your store.
  • Discounts based on Product Category: Set the offer valid only for a few selected categories of products in WooCommerce.
  • Discounts based on Quantity / Tiered Pricing discounts: As for exmaple buy 10 or more items, get 10% discount.
  • Percentage Discounts in WooCommerce: As for example buy 2 quantities of Product A, get 5% discount.
  • Buy One Get One Free Offers: BOGO offers are the smartest way of upselling and converting more visitors into customers.
  • Product Specific Discount: You can also set discounts for specific products in the store. The most common use case is setting a most popular product on sale.
  • Conditional / Dependent Product Discount: The discount applies on a condition of purchasing another product.
  • Coupon activated discount: There will be times when you wanted to activate the discount rules only when a coupon code is applied. You can do this easily with the discount rules for WooCommerce.

Deal Highlights

  • 1 Year Complete Technical Support
  • Latest WooCommerce Version Tested
  • Safe and Secure checkout
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