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Swift Performance Annual Deal

Starting at $49.99
Swift Performance is one of the most popular cache and optimization WordPress plugins.
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Exclusive & Limited Annual Deal for the Early Adopters.

Discount Type

Use Coupon Code "SyncWin10" for a 10% Discount.

Offer Validity

Validity is unknown but this deal can disappear at any time.

Tool Description

It provides everything that you need to speed up your WordPress site ( replacing several optimization plugins) and improves users’ website experience. A professional solution even for beginners!


  • Caching: It provides an intelligent, modern caching system. You can even cache AJAX request, dynamic pages, and you can add exceptions (URL, page or content based rules).
  • Image Optimization: It provides a highly customizable, unlimited Image Optimizer.
  • Database Optimization: Keeping your database clean is extremely important for speed. It has a built in DB Optimizer to maintenance WordPress database.
  • CSS & JS Optimization: One of the most important thing for performance is optimize the delivery of static resources. Swift Performance not only combines and minifies the CSS files, but generates the Critical CSS for each page automatically.
  • Plugin Organizer: With Plugin Organizer you can disable plugins on certain pages, and let plugins run only where it is really necessary.


  • Extended Support
  • Regular Updates
  • API & Image Optimizer
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