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Sense App Deal: Universal Automatic Workspace

Sense App is an AI-driven hub, which automatically keeps files, documents, tasks, links, meetings, conversations, people, etc. interrelated and organized; and defines what is the most important for the given moment of time.
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  • Connect apps your team uses
  • Finds interrelations and classify your mess
  • Share anything with anyone
  • A free chrome extension for you
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Get access to this exclusive deal on this powerful business development tool to manage and grow your business online.
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The amount of information dramatically grows every second. It expectedly becomes scattered across communication channels, cloud storage, management tools, etc. The most obvious result is that it’s extremely difficult to get necessary things quickly.

If you know exactly what you need, you will most likely find it after wasting your time. But the biggest problem is that you don’t know the information you need might be already created by your colleagues until they explicitly share it with you.

Tool Features
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  • Convert Your Work Chaos Into Sensible Order Automatically: All-in-one workspace, that keeps all work assets organized and interconnected.
  • Get Related Assets for Everything: Sense automatically finds related content and conversations for every document, file, link, task, person, etc. So a document is never just one thing anymore.
  • Search Across All Apps: Don’t try to remember, where you have seen a file or link last time. Sense is a unified place to search across all apps, chats, and people within your team.
  • Get Your Mess Automatically Organized: Create a space and connect the apps related to that. Sense will automatically group and categories everything related to your project. Or enjoy automatically collected content and conversations for every Jira project or a Confluence space.
  • Use Our Chrome Extension to Stay in Context: Install the Sense Chrome extension to quickly search through all your apps using a simple keyboard shortcut. It will also easily provide you with an overview of the content related to the current tab.
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Deal Terms
  • One Year Access to Sense App
  • Your Data is Safe and Secure
  • No Refund, Obviously it's a Freebie
Deal Features
  • Automatic Connections Between Work Assets
  • Search by Apps, People, Names, and Kind
  • Recent Activities
  • Automatic Organization of Work Assets
  • Chrome Extension
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