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FeedBear - UserVoice & Canny Alternative Lifetime Deal

Starting at $49.00
A simple tool to collect product feedback and keep your customers in the loop.
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Exclusive & limited Lifetime Deal on AppSumo.

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90% Discount on LTD as compared to the yearly cost.

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You're a product builder. You understand how crucial customer feedback is for knowing exactly what to build, and which features to prioritize. Imagine only putting effort and resources into building what you absolutely know your customers want.

FeedBear can get you there.

Your customers are the most valuable source of insights you'll ever have. FeedBear allows them to easily share feedback, ideas, and bug reports - and you get all the information in one place. They can also vote and comment on what's most important to them, so you know exactly what to prioritize.


~ Use customer feedback to build the right product features, know what customers actually need and want
~ Alternative to UserVoice, Canny, Aha!
~ Keep customers involved in the product development process, build a community, share a public roadmap
~ Best for: Software startups, customer-centric organizations, and product managers


~ All product features
~ Unlimited idea boards
~ Unlimited announcements in your changelog
~ Unlimited users
~ Unlimited admin users
~ Private projects
~ Custom branding and custom domains
~ Automatic email status updates
~ Integrations with Zapier, Intercom, Slack
~ 1 project / 1 custom domain per code (you can buy multiple codes to have more projects and domains)

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