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Breakdance Builder Free Deal: Alternative to Elementor

Breakdance is the website builder you always wanted as it will allow you to create incredible websites in record time and apart from that, all Oxygen users will get a free one-year license to Breakdance.
Tool Highlights
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  • A drag and drop builder with 100 + for creating the desired site you want
  • Alternative to Elementor, Zion Builder & Bricks Builder
  • Specially made for non-tech people who are looking for a builder more advanced than elementor
  • Best for Web Designers, Web Developers, and Agency Owners that offers custom website building services.
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Breakdance will be for non-techies who want an Elementor-like experience, but with some benefits such as much better WooCommerce functionality, less bloat, a drag & drop menu builder, etc.

It is built by the same developer who made Oxygen Builder, which is one of the most famous and advanced website builders that won the hearts of web developers and designers. The product is not fully ready right now and it is under construction.

They are running the Alpha Version for free right now, which is a great thing for those who want to leave elementor and try a new tool.

Video Source: Breakdance Official YouTube Channel
Tool Features

Some of the great features of Breakdance


  • Background Video: Add background videos to sections. Mobile devices are supported.
  • Background Slideshow: Add background slideshows to sections.
  • Shape Dividers: Add shape dividers to sections with built-in shapes or a custom SVG.
  • Background Overlay: Add gradient or color overlays to sections.
  • Blend Modes: CSS blend modes are supported.
  • CSS Filters: CSS filters are supported
  • CSS Transforms: CSS Transforms are supported.
  • Mask Shapes: Create image masking effects using built-in shapes or a custom SVG.
  • Units: Use any unit you want such as px, vw, vh, %, calc, em, rem, etc.
  • Flexbox Layout Engine: Create amazing flex boxes.
  • Nestable Containers: With it, you will be able to create nested containers like sections, columns, and divs.
  • Fonts: Google Fonts. Adobe Fonts. Custom WOFF uploads. Any custom font provider. The CSS file is parsed and available fonts are auto-detected.
  • SVG Icons: Use the default or your brand's custom SVG icons.
  • Text Effects: Use any kind of text effect you want such as stroke, gradient text, shadow, image background.
  • Gradient Backgrounds: Create any type of gradient background you desire.
  • Box Shadow: Make your card more realistic with box-shadow
  • Gradient Buttons: Create any type of gradient button you want.
  • 100+ Builder Elements: Build an incredible website by using the 100+ drag and drop element
  • Global Color Palette: You can change the whole color of your site by changing it in one place.
  • Typography Presets: You don't have to change your typo one by one on every page change it ones and you are done.
  • Animations: Create amazing animations on your site like scrolling, entrance, and sticky animations.
  • Responsive Design: Hide and show by the device. All elements are responsive out of the box. Preview at any width with a drag bar.
  • Responsive Columns: Reverse column order. Specify a custom order for any column. Column gap. Stack columns vertically or make 50% width at the specified breakpoint.
  • Custom Breakpoints: Unlimited custom breakpoints with configurable optional max-width, configurable optional min-width min-width, and builder preview width with UI zoom.
  • Accessibility: All elements are accessible. Menu Builder is accessible with keyboard nav, tabs are accessible, etc.
  • Color Sampler: From the color picker, click anything on the page to sample it's color.
  • Link Actions: Open lightbox. Call phone number. Send email.


  • 24 Woo Elements: Powerful elements for every part of WooCommerce make it possible to customize your entire store.
  • Beautiful Defaults: Breakdance makes WooCommerce look fantastic by default. No need to manually build out your pages.
  • Zero-Setup: WooCommerce looks great out of the box. No need to manually create all the WooCo pages in Breakdance.
  • Global Styles: Globally set brand color, button styles, form styles, and much more to get your Woo store on brand in just a few clicks.
  • Theme Compatibility: Optionally disable Breakdance's WooCommerce styles and allow your theme to style WooCommerce.
  • Themeless Mode: Breakdance styles all parts of WooCommerce for you automatically. There's no need for a theme with Breakdance.


  • Undo / Redo: Step back or forward through your work.
  • Revision History: Restore saved revisions.
  • Import / Export Settings: Import / export your Breakdance settings for use on another site.
  • Import / Export Individual Blocks: Import / Export design elements or sections for use on another site. (Coming Soon)
  • Copy Paste: Easily copy and paste elements and increase your productivity.
  • Copy Paste Styles: Copy and paste an element's style to another element, but retain its content.
  • Cross-Page Copy / Paste: Copy elements from one page to another.
  • Cross-Domain Copy / Paste: Copy elements from one site to another. (Coming Soon)
  • Document Chooser: Open and edit different pages and templates without leaving Breakdance.
  • Maintenance Mode: Take your site down for maintenance so it is only accessible to admins or certain users.
  • URL Replace for Easy Migrations: Change your domain name easily.
  • HTTPS Friendly: Switch to https easily.
  • Migration Plugin Compatibility: Use Breakdance with migration plugins with no problems. Breakdance content is never base64_encoded.
  • Client Mode / Role Manager: Give users access to edit content without changing the design.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Hit Command+Shift+/ or Command+? in Breakdance to see all shortcuts.


  • Custom Forms: Create custom forms using many different field types.
  • Contact Forms: Create contact forms.
  • Login Forms: Create login forms.
  • Manage Submissions: Manage form submissions in the WP admin. Export to CSV.
  • MailChimp: Send form data to MailChimp.
  • Drip: Send form data to Drip.
  • Register Forms: Create register forms.
  • Email Subscribe Forms: Create email subscribe forms.
  • Global Form Styles: Set form styles globally.
  • ActiveCampaign: Send form data to ActiveCampaign.
  • ConvertKit: Send form data to ConvertKit.
  • Discord: Send form data to Discord.
  • Drip: Send form data to Drip.
  • ReCaptcha: Send form data to ReCaptcha.
  • MailerLite: Send form data to MailerLite.
  • Slack: Send form data to Slack.
  • Zapier: Send form data to Zapier using a webhook.
  • Webhook: Send form data to any webhook.
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Deal Terms
  • Download the Breakdance Alpha for free
  • Breakdance will be an annual subscription
  • Oxygen Builder Users Will Get 1 Year License
Deal Features
  • 24 Woo Elements
  • Beautiful Defaults
  • Zero-Setup
  • Global Styles
  • Theme Compatibility
  • Themeless Mode
  • Background Video
  • Background Slideshow
  • Shape Dividers
  • Background Overlay
  • Blend Modes
  • CSS Filters
  • CSS Transforms
  • Mask Shapes
  • Units
  • Flexbox Layout Engine
  • Nestable Containers
  • Fonts
  • SVG Icons
  • Text Effects
  • Gradient Backgrounds
  • Box Shadow
  • 100+ Builder Elements
  • Global Color Palette
  • Typography Presets
  • Animations
  • Responsive Design
  • Responsive Columns
  • Custom Breakpoints
  • Color Sampler
  • Link Actions
  • Undo / Redo
  • Revision History
  • Import / Export Settings
  • Import / Export Individual Blocks
  • Copy Paste
  • Copy Paste Styles
  • Cross-Page Copy / Paste
  • Cross-Domain Copy / Paste
  • Document Chooser
  • Maintenance Mode
  • URL Replace for Easy Migrations
  • HTTPS Friendly
  • Migration Plugin Compatibility
  • Client Mode / Role Manager
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Custom Forms
  • Contact Forms
  • Login Forms
  • Manage Submissions
  • Go Themeless
  • Keep Your Existing Theme
  • Breakdance Zero Theme
  • Conditions
  • Templating
  • Dynamic Data
  • Dynamic Request Params
  • Global Settings
  • Browse Mode
  • Great Defaults
  • Bloat Eliminator
  • Fast Load Times
  • Yoast SEO Integration
  • Customizable HTML Tags
  • CSS Caching
  • Choose Image Size
  • Image srcset
  • Dynamic Data Points API
  • Conditions API
  • Form Actions API
  • PHP Code Block
  • Custom Selectors
  • In-Builder JavaScript
  • Classes
  • PHP Code Block
  • Custom HTML
  • Header / Footer Tracking Code
  • HTML Attributes
  • No Notices / WP_DEBUG Compatibility
  • PHP 7.4 / 8.0 Compatibility
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