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Brand Overflow Lifetime Deal: Alternative to Ahrefs

If you are looking for an all in one SEO tool LTD at an affordable price then this deal is a brainer because other SEO tools like Ahrefs and/or SEMRush would cost you $100 per month which is too much if you want something just for personal use hence even if you grab the smaller deal of Brand Overflow still you're good.
Tool Highlights
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  • Solve your website issues with its powerful audit feature
  • Alternative to Ahrefs & Semrush
  • See what are the trending keyword to improve your content
  • Best for solopreneurs and agency owners who are looking for a powerful SEO tool
Starting at
Get access to this exclusive deal on this powerful business development tool to manage and grow your business online.
Use the below coupon to get a flat 10% Discount.
All prices are in USD (United States Dollars)

They spent the better part of the last year rebuilding Brand Overflow from the ground up and with our core features now being released, I'm super excited to announce the Lifetime deal!

Their approach with Brand Overflow is to simplify the SEO process of monitoring and research and their roadmap as well as our overall goal are to provide simplified tools with guides to help users improve their website SEO.

Video Source: Lead Tagger YouTube Channel
Tool Features
Explore the main features of this powerful Business Development Tool.
  • Projects: This is the core of our platform, you can do end-to-end SEO monitoring and analysis with this feature, rank tracking, backlink statistics, ranking overviews, and website audits - all done for you automatically!
  • Keywords: Find the best keywords that are not only easy to rank for but also in recent search trends. This is the best way to find low-hanging keywords that your users are actually searching for.
  • Backlinks: Complete domain backlinks history for up to 1 year, this will help you analyze your competition and find backlink opportunities with ease.
  • Audit: Their website audit is extremely powerful and in-depth - it helps you resolve any website issues that may impact your rankings on Google. With easy-to-follow actions, you can see the results in your rankings improve.
  • Easy Setup: Easily create projects using your google search console websites and our platform will handle the rest!
  • Rank Tracking: Weekly rank tracking will keep you up-to-date on the biggest moves and drops.
  • Desktop, Mobile & Tablet: Get deep ranking data segmented by a device to see the true ranking performance!
  • Clicks, Impressions & CTR: Get complete in-depth visibility of your keyword performance and its clicks & impressions.
  • Automated Website Audits: Get a complete report of your website’s health automatically every week.
  • AI Keyword Suggestions: Based on your keyword performance and using our own AI, we will suggest new keywords every week!
  • Backlink Statistics: Get weekly backlink counts on your website to stay on top of your off-page SEO strategies.
  • Keyword Snapshots: Up to 1m keywords in ranking will be saved and used for analysis each week for your project.
  • New/Lost Ranked Keywords: Get complete visibility of your keyword ranking performance with new and lost ranked keywords.
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Deal Terms
  • Lifetime Access to Brand Overflow
  • GDPR Complaint
  • Priority Support
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Deal Features
  • Tracked Keywords (Based On Your Plan)
  • Keyword Tool (Based On Your Plan)
  • Backlinks (Based On Your Plan)
  • Audit (Based On Your Plan)
  • All languages supported
  • CSV Exports
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