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BetterLinks Lifetime Deal: Alternative to Pretty Links

BetterLinks brings you the chance to easily create, shorten and manage any URL to help you cross-promote your brands & products.
Tool Highlights
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  • Manage affiliate campaigns and create your custom branded affiliate links with it
  • Alternative to Pretty Links & Thirsty Affiliates
  • With it, you will be able to check your broken links in other words never miss a single opportunity of generating a lead
  • Best for WordPress users and business owners who are looking for a tool to manage their affiliate marketing business with ease
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$299 $599
Get access to this exclusive deal on this powerful business development tool to manage and grow your business online.
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With its aesthetic user interface, you can shorten anything without breaking any sweat and track analytics to measure successful campaigns easily. Boost affiliate revenues & create better marketing campaigns by cloaking and tracking your links with advanced features.

Video Source: WPDeveloper Official YouTube Channel
Tool Features
Explore the main features of this powerful Business Development Tool.
  • Customized Short Links: Creating a branded custom redirect link takes only few seconds with BetterLinks, you can manage campaign & affiliate links in a faster and simple way.
  • Built-In Link Analytics: The built-in analytics system can give you detailed data on your shortened links and help to measure your campaign performance easily.
  • One Click Migration: You can now migrate to BetterLinks without any hassle by importing data from other plugins. If you want you can also just import a link data file directly.
  • More Link Options: You will get more link options for your campaign and affiliate links. You can enable options like ‘No Follow’, ‘Sponsored’, ‘Parameter Forwarding’ & ‘Tracking’.
  • Custom Tags & Categories: Now you can add your links to a category and add tags to your redirect links. Managing links becomes much easier when they are properly categorized & tagged.
  • Drag & Drop Interface: Managing links is much easier with the simple drag & drop interface. You can boost your productivity and handle your shortened links faster.
  • Multiple Redirect Types: You can create three different types of link redirects (301, 302 & 307). Now branded link management has become much simpler.
  • Set Link Expiration Date: You can set a click limit for a link redirection to expire. It’s also possible to set expiration date & time as well to control your campaigns better.
  • Google Analytics Integration: You can enable Google Analytics on your BetterLinks to get more in-depth, insightful data about your campaign and audience
  • UTM Code Generator: BetterLinks offers you to automatically generate your UTM codes and save them as templates, so you can use them for future campaigns
  • User Role Management: BetterLinks gives you total control over how you manage user roles. Set your user’s permissions to view, edit, create, check & edit settings
  • Optional Dark Mode Interface: Now you will get a dark mode option in the BetterLinks interface. Enable it for a more comfortable & soothing viewing experience while working
  • Advanced Split Testing: Carry out split tests to see which campaigns are performing better & create URL rotations with the advanced dynamic redirects feature.
  • Broken Links Checker: Keep track of your URLs and scan for broken links without ever leaving your dashboard to make sure your users don’t come across a 404 error page
  • Disable Bot Traffic: You can turn on the option to disable bot clicks and thus prevent bot traffic to your website pages with BetterLinks
  • Secured HTTPS Redirects: You can turn on forced HTTPS redirects to allow your target URLs to be redirected with secured SSL certification
  • Advanced Dynamic Redirects: Create dynamic redirects based on geographic location, time, rotation, and even device, or browser
  • Redirect Folders With Wildcards: Easily redirect all files in a folder or directory using the powerful wildcards feature from BetterLinks
  • Auto Link Keywords: Add your affiliate links to specific keywords in your content instantly with a few clicks
  • Advanced Link Scheduler: Easily manage your campaigns by scheduling your links to make them active during specific time periods.
  • Instant Gutenberg Redirects: Instantly set up link redirects with BetterLinks in Gutenberg editor, the default WordPress block editor.
  • Instant Elementor Redirects: Redirect your URLs and manage your links straight from Elementor Editor, the most popular WordPress website builder.
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Deal Details
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Deal Terms
  • Lifetime Access to BetterLinks
  • Use on Unlimited Sites
  • Lifetime Update 
  • Lifetime Support
Deal Features
  • Link Shortener
  • Dark Mode
  • Drag & Drop UI
  • User Role Management
  • Export Links & Analytics Data
  • One-Click Migration From Any Plugin
  • Import Data From A JSON File
  • Custom Link Tags
  • Custom Link Categories
  • Redirect 301, 302, 307
  • HTTPS Redirection
  • No Follow Attribute
  • Sponsored Attribute
  • Parameter Forwarding
  • Set Link Expiration
  • UTM Builder
  • UTM Builder Templates
  • Instant Social Share
  • Dynamic Link Redirects
  • Individual Analytics
  • Interactive Calendar
  • Advanced Split Testing
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Advanced Broken Links Checker
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