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Adcrux Lifetime Deal: Alternative to Mailchimp & ConvertKit

Adcrux is the all-in-one email marketing software for marketers that makes it easy to create, send, track and optimize your email campaigns.
Tool Highlights
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  • All-in-one email marketing software built for marketers and agencies
  • Send email campaigns that get delivered in the priority email box with Adcrux’s highly reputed IPs
  • Easy to customize email templates with 100+ elements to choose from
  • Alternative to: Mailchimp, ConvertKit & Aweber
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$49 $629 Annually
Get access to this exclusive deal on this powerful business development tool to manage and grow your business online.
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With Adcrux you can quickly build beautiful emails in minutes without having any coding skills or design experience.

It is an email marketing software for marketers and agencies which is an all-in-one solution for all your email campaign requirements.

This tool has powerful features like responsive templates, cold email support, and advanced analytics so that you can easily run smarter email marketing campaigns.

Tool Features
  • Efficient Resource Use: Distribute bounce rate among connected Email Delivery Servers based on the email sending rate.
  • Monitor Bounce Rate: Get high-priority delivery to your emails by maintaining multiple ESPs.
  • Total Control: Control the email delivery rate for your SMTPs.
  • Analytics: Analyze all your campaign stats in one dashboard.
  • Selectivity: Select your Email Delivery Server or SMTP while Sending Campaigns.
  • Spam Trap Filter: Filters spam trap emails from Adcrux’s expert-curated database of 5M+ trap emails.
  • Informative Dashboard: View minute details like the number of campaigns, subscribers, and email lists along with activity reports for every campaign.
  • Email List Management: Customize, segment, and manage your mailing lists.
  • List Tools: Deliberately curate your lists with our set of great tools designed to perfection.
  • Email Blacklist: Customer-only email blacklist. Addresses in this list will never receive any campaigns.
  • Suppression Lists: This is like a temporary Blacklist. Use this when you want to exclude a group of contacts from a current campaign.
  • Campaign Management: Group your campaigns and efficiently manage the responses on the same.
  • Email Templates: Choose from a range of crafted templates. You can also create your own email template with our unique Drag and Drop creator.
  • Delivery Servers: Add your own delivery servers for campaigns. Our experts can guide you meticulously in this.
  • Bounce Servers: Same as delivery servers, you can also add separate bounce servers for your campaigns and manage everything from a single application.
  • Feedback Loop Servers: Separate feedback loop servers for complaint management improving the efficiency of your overall campaign.
  • Email Monitors: Monitor your emails and program specified actions against campaign responses.
  • Sending Domains: These add proper DKIM signatures to your emails making it more likely that they land in the inbox.
  • Tracking Domains: Add your own branded domain as ‘Tracking domains’ for masking of domains used in campaigning services
  • API: Use our API to allow seamless integration of external applications to integrate with our platform
  • Surveys: Create and manage surveys within your campaigns. Use the insights, thereby gained, to drive strategy.
  • Campaign Statistics: Get accurate and real-time statistics for your campaigns including data such as Open rates, Click-through rates, Correct status, and more.
  • Reply Tracker: Stay on top of your campaigns with response-based subscriber detection and follow-ups. Unlimited inbound servers and auto-response filters to save your time.
  • Sub Accounts: Create Sub-accounts and provide access to your clients or staff to run the campaigns and view the campaign stats.
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Deal Terms
  • Lifetime Access to Adcrux
  • Cold Email Support
  • All Future Updates
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Deal Features
  • All in One Email Marketing Platform
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Unlimited Contacts Lists
  • Unlimited Survey Forms
  • Unlimited Templates
  • 100s of Email Templates and Elements
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Detailed Report & Statistics
  • Reply Analytics
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